A Weekend in Wakefield!

Last weekend we had the pleasure of attending the first ever Blueberry Jam Festival, at a good friend’s, (K’s) dad’s farm in Wakefield, VA.  Not only did we get to listen to awesome bands and get some good ‘ol country ‘eatin (including homemade pineapple ice cream, thank you), but we got to see the childhood house of where K grew up.  It was such a charming farm-house, and we enjoyed all the great conversations, seeing the brussels play together, and meeting the visiting (and resident) animals in attendance – horses, cows, chickens, even alpacas!

I also got to swing by the best peanut place in Wakefield, owned by some of K’s family of course, and I may have brought 1-2, okay, maybe 4, tins of peanuts home. I mean, they had so many to choose from, and you got to sample, so why not get the chocolate covered, honey roasted, butter toasted, and salt & pepper ones for the road?

All in all a great, simple weekend.  And our brussels only got sick one time on the car ride down.  We’re getting better in the car, we’re getting better.



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