A relaxing getaway

Earlier this week I spent a few days in Nags Head, NC, one of the towns in the OBX, with my mom to kick off her spring break. You see, she is a teacher, and apparently teachers like to enjoy their spring break just as much (maybe more!) than their students. When she asked last week if I would have any interest in getting away for a few days, I immediately said yes, and so we began planning a little R&R in the OBX.

We ended up renting a house right on the soundside, and made sure to get home every night to enjoy the lovely sunsets. It was a tad bit chilly, but you can’t tell from these gorgeous pictures of the sunsets, right?

Can you tell I like sunsets??

We tried fabulous food recommendations, ate all of the foods you usually don’t indulge in (yum, Duck Donuts, High Cotton BBQ), tried to burn off some of our gluttony hiking the sand dunes and kayaking, and window shopped in the quaint town of Duck.

We also walked a cute strip of houses known as the Nags Head Cottages, where the socialites of the 1920s summered. Clearly I would have been one of them if I lived in the 1920s. (One can dream, right?)

A fabulous, relaxing trip to kick off the summer. I returned with the same pale skin as which I departed with, but had a great time nonetheless. There’s always the upcoming San Diego trip to look to for some color!


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