Curtains galore

Moving to the suburbs you find yourself with a large number of windows, which correlates to a large number of curtains that must be purchased. And, curtains are expensive! So while I tried to dress my windows pretty quickly, we phased in the blinds and some rooms were left for later.

So it was time to address my office.

My sister had an old sewing machine being stored at my parents house from 1999, and I thought, how difficult could this be? Watch a YouTube video, become proficient in sewing, and then sew two panels using some beautiful fabric I find at a local craft store.

Boy, was I wrong.

I went to the craft store and found that material is the same, or more expensive than actual curtains. But, I of course found a pattern I fell in love with, and figured my office was my only chance to pick a girly pattern, so I went with it. I found one on sale for 50% off, and although it still hurt the wallet, I was looking forward to putting my YouTube new-found sewing skills to the test.

Two hours of trying to get my bobbin in order and a couple of broken needles later, I was on the brink of tears. Thankfully my neighbor came to the rescue and got me on track, and I was able to finish the job.

I sewed each side in, about half an inch, so that it would give a clean finish.

And, because I think it makes curtains look polished, I went with a clip and ring curtain hardware set, so putting up the curtains was as easy as hanging towels on a clothesline.

And there you have it. My DIY curtains. Total cost $65 for material, and 2 hours of frustration before my neighbor intervened. It may have just been my sewing machine that was the cause of the issue, but not sure I’d tackle this again. I do hear that there is fabric glue/tape you can cheat with, so something to consider for another room down the line. Or, I could just watch some more YouTube.


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