Nutella Samosas

With all of the amazing recipes at our finger-tips, whether through online blogs, Facebook, Pintrest, or even online magazines, it’s easy to have a pinboard full of recipes to try. When the weather gets warmer, I get motivated to try new recipes, and last weekend was no different.

Friday night, we had a good friend over for a visit that has a sweet tooth.  I scrolled through my Sweets and Treats board and found a Nutella samosa recipe that I decided to try.  I wasn’t able to locate the spring roll papers that this recipe referenced at Wegmans (my favorite grocery experience of all time), so I went with egg rolls instead.  These are much better pan-fried than baked, but the creamy hazelnut center is the perfect accompaniment to a meatless Friday pizza night.

Nutella Samosas

Egg-roll or spring roll paper (found in the produce section, near the tofu)
2 T Flour and 3 T water (to make the paste)

Yep, that’s it.

Make the “glue” by mixing the flour and water together.

Get the spring roll paper in rectangles.  I used cooking shears.

Get your Nutella ready.

Put a tablespoon of goodness on the rectangle bottom right corner.

Fold up to make a triangle.

Fold over.

And diagonal down / over again.  It’s okay if some chocolate comes out of the sides, you can fix it with your “glue”.

Then once you get to the end, dab your finger in the flour/water paste to seal the samosa.  See the shiny part?  That’s the “glue”.

And then fold the flap over and seal.  Seal all of your holes so chocolate stays in the samosa, and cut off any extra dough.

I baked mine to try to be healthy, but frying is better, and makes for a less crunchy samosa.  Pan fry them in a half inch of canola or vegetable oil, 1-2 minutes on each side, and then sprinkle with sugar when done and hot.


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