Getting Creative – A Spring Wreath

This semi-spring weather we’ve been having in the suburbs of DC has made me ogling over the spring wreaths, and I thought, why not make my own?

I prefer simplicity over gawdy – I just think it’s more classic and a simple wreath can be applied to so many more seasons, rather than just the Easter season (although an Easter wreath would be fun, too)!

Here’s a step by step guide, to creating a front door ornament, in 5 minutes.

Gather all of your supplies.  I bought these wreaths and stems at Michaels.  The wreath was $4.99, and the stems were usually $11.99 each, but I snagged them on a 40% off sale!  I bought 5 stems.

Remember to cut off your tags!

I bought the stems that have multiple stems off of one base.  This makes it easier to weave.

Carefully push each stem into the wreath, taking into account how you want the colors to look (I went for every other color, and doubled up the purple in one section).

Tuck under each stem, so it’s not hanging out there!

I like the look of all of the stems facing the same way – but feel free to get creative with the arrangement.

All done.  Let’s get this baby on the front door.  Coco is keeping an eye out for intruders.

A spring wreath is a great way to get excited for the warm weather that’s on its way.  Happy Spring!



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