Passion in my pants

…I work out!

LMFAO 500x333 LMFAO   Sexy and I Know It: The Remixes

Not that kind of passion people 🙂

Everyone has a passion (or five) that they love, whether it’s baking in the kitchen, running in the outdoors, writing, Facebooking, everyone has something that makes them happy.

As a kid, I liked to dance. I have (somewhere in storage) a dance recital costume in every color, some maybe in multiple colors. When I hear certain songs on the 90s station, it puts me in a place where I remember performing in front of a crowd, counting in sets of 8, makeup plastered on, and a happy memory of receiving a single red rose from my parents after the show.

But, I quit. Around my tween years, I wanted to spend my time doing other things that seemed to be a lot more interesting than dance. So, when I decided to pick up the hobby again 15 years later, my flexibility wasn’t as intact as it used to be. Ballet is hard! But each week, for the last year and a half, I’ve been lacing up my ballet shoes, pointing until it hurts, and leaving with sweat running down my leotard. It’s a good workout, yes (and we all love those), and it teaches patience and discipline, so I’ve enjoyed kickstarting this old passion of mine. And, I like the way it feels to tackle something difficult, even if you don’t rock at it. I get better every week, and learn something new. And if for nothing else, I’m proud of myself for trying.

I think it’s healthy to keep trying something new (or learning something again). It keeps us happy, interested, challenged.


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