Where to next? Capri, Italy

During the same trip as our Sicily excursion, we visited Capri, and the Amalfi Coast.  We arrived to Capri via a horrendously bumpy 45 minute ferry ride from Naples, but it was worth the trip.  Even on a cloudy day, Capri is full of beautiful scenery, amazing shopping, and traditional Italian cuisine to enjoy.

Capri is on top of the fishing village, just a short two-minute ride up the mountain.  When you get there, the views are amazing.

After some trip advisor digging, we found a fabulous recommendation of a tour with Gianni – a personal/private tour guide with a boat trip around the island.  It was beautiful.  We saw the island, the caves, heard the stories and legends, and even got to pull into a cove and swim in the Mediterranean, followed by enjoying a chilled limoncello.  Email me for recommendations – seeing this island with Gianni is a must-do if you are in Capri!

This is not edited – this is actually what the caves and water look like in Capri!

In addition to seeing Capri from the water, it is a lovely town to walk around, people watch, and window shop.  There are side streets and alley-ways that have majestic views, many of which my home is now decorated with.

Capri is a very romantic and enchanting region.  It is quite expensive, because it is an island, but to see it for only a day or two while touring through Italy would be well worth your trip.


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