Stretching out



Okay, our dog may be a tad bit spoiled. After picking her up this morning she stretched to a full horizontal position and I had to sneak a pic to share.


Just because – do something nice!

Someone close to me had some big tests this week, so I thought it’d be nice to collect some kind words from her friends and family (without her knowing of course) and fill these cute boxes with their words of encouragement.  I mean, how could you not like opening this up, filled with kind notes from your favorite people?

I don’t like mine soggy

When preparing a quick dinner, of, say, baked tortilla tilapia and sliced zucchini, I like to minimize the amount of baking sheets used.  Less to clean, right?

A tip I’ve learned is to cover the baking sheet with foil, but pinch a fold in between so that there is a divider between both foods.  This way, the fish juices don’t become a zucchini marinade, and the olive oil from the zucchini doesn’t make the bread crumbs from the fish soggy.

Maybe everyone out there already knows this trick, but just in case, thought I’d share.

Getting Creative – A Spring Wreath

This semi-spring weather we’ve been having in the suburbs of DC has made me ogling over the spring wreaths, and I thought, why not make my own?

I prefer simplicity over gawdy – I just think it’s more classic and a simple wreath can be applied to so many more seasons, rather than just the Easter season (although an Easter wreath would be fun, too)!

Here’s a step by step guide, to creating a front door ornament, in 5 minutes.

Gather all of your supplies.  I bought these wreaths and stems at Michaels.  The wreath was $4.99, and the stems were usually $11.99 each, but I snagged them on a 40% off sale!  I bought 5 stems.

Remember to cut off your tags!

I bought the stems that have multiple stems off of one base.  This makes it easier to weave.

Carefully push each stem into the wreath, taking into account how you want the colors to look (I went for every other color, and doubled up the purple in one section).

Tuck under each stem, so it’s not hanging out there!

I like the look of all of the stems facing the same way – but feel free to get creative with the arrangement.

All done.  Let’s get this baby on the front door.  Coco is keeping an eye out for intruders.

A spring wreath is a great way to get excited for the warm weather that’s on its way.  Happy Spring!


Staying fit in Surburbia

Staying fit in suburbia – it’s simple, really.  You can jog with your dog, or your stroller, while ooo-ing and ahh-ing over your neighbors’ landscaping, you can do crossfit in your family room, you can join a gym, or you can join one of the many pay-as-you-go boutique studios that are popping up all over the country.  All of the above for me, please (I like to mix it up and keep my body guessing).

This morning it was Saturday Spin at the boutique studio I fancy.  There is no membership, you just prepay a stack of classes and use them up, then buy more if you want to take more classes, etc.  The clientele?  Mostly upper class housewives, lots of (nicely done might I say) enhancements.  Our spin teacher is awesome.  She pushes me to the point that I feel my inner thighs working.  Is that even possible?  When we’re in there for 55 minutes it’s all work – lights off, push hard.  But when you leave, covered in sweat, stains of wetness all over your shirt, and hair pasted on the side of your face, you feel accomplished, ready to tackle the weekend.  Some of these people stay for another hour of TRX – crazy!

Time to spend a Saturday recovering from my beating.  Where’s the chocolate?

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Passion in my pants

…I work out!

LMFAO 500x333 LMFAO   Sexy and I Know It: The Remixes

Not that kind of passion people 🙂

Everyone has a passion (or five) that they love, whether it’s baking in the kitchen, running in the outdoors, writing, Facebooking, everyone has something that makes them happy.

As a kid, I liked to dance. I have (somewhere in storage) a dance recital costume in every color, some maybe in multiple colors. When I hear certain songs on the 90s station, it puts me in a place where I remember performing in front of a crowd, counting in sets of 8, makeup plastered on, and a happy memory of receiving a single red rose from my parents after the show.

But, I quit. Around my tween years, I wanted to spend my time doing other things that seemed to be a lot more interesting than dance. So, when I decided to pick up the hobby again 15 years later, my flexibility wasn’t as intact as it used to be. Ballet is hard! But each week, for the last year and a half, I’ve been lacing up my ballet shoes, pointing until it hurts, and leaving with sweat running down my leotard. It’s a good workout, yes (and we all love those), and it teaches patience and discipline, so I’ve enjoyed kickstarting this old passion of mine. And, I like the way it feels to tackle something difficult, even if you don’t rock at it. I get better every week, and learn something new. And if for nothing else, I’m proud of myself for trying.

I think it’s healthy to keep trying something new (or learning something again). It keeps us happy, interested, challenged.

Mid-winter escape

Despite the mild winter we’ve had in the DC area this year, it’s always fun to have a mid-winter vacay planned to get out of the cold. Thank you to my friend in sunny south Florida who decided to have her wedding this February – it fits my warm-weather needs perfectly.

Counting down the days until we revisit Fort Lauderdale, see friends, eat good cuban food, and hopefully spend most of our days at the pool.  This girl needs some color!