Where to next? – Taormina, Sicily

My husband and I love to travel.  We’ve been fortunate enough to have traveled to many of the big-ticket cities separately before we met, euro-railing with our friends in our early twenties.  So, when we got married and started to travel together, we preferred to visit the smaller, more quaint cities that were a little less touristy.

I’d love to spotlight one of our most favorite cities we’ve traveled to, in an effort to inspire others to visit this town (but shhhh, don’t tell too many people or it may lose its charm) ;).

Meet Taormina, Sicily.  When deciding to take a trip a few years back, I originally wanted to go to Greece (and it’s still on the list).  My husband suggested Sicily – “same water, same terrain, but with pizza and wine,” he said, and I said, “perfect!”  We flew into Rome, because well, it’s just easier, took the train to Naples (only 60 minutes in a fast train), took a boat to Capri (I’ll save this for another post), eventually ferry-ed over to Sorrento, and then drove to Sicily (over many days of course!).  My husband loves driving, even in other countries where the speedometer makes you feel like you’re going 100+ MPH, so we weren’t intimidated with hitting the road.  The stormy downpour the entire 8 hour drive of our trip down the Amalfi Coast and beyond may have shed a couple of years off our life, but definitely a fun memory now.

So Sicily – we went to Taormina first, and this is what this post is about.  This city was beautiful, quaint, but still much to explore.  Because it’s so close to Greece geographically, there are many greek ruins to explore – the Sicilians told us they are better preserved in Sicily than in Greece (although I’m sure the Greeks would beg to differ).

The food is amazing.  I am still craving this bruschetta pizza and wine lunch I ate at a little cafe where men just happened to be serenading us guests.

The town sits higher than the beach – we stayed at the beach, Isola Bella it is called.  This place is beautiful – one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.  The water is so clear, so blue, so peaceful.

There are mountains to climb, volcanoes to see (Mt. Etna), and shops to browse in.  Put this one on your list, folks.  Sicily has much more to offer than the Godfather’s homeland.


3 thoughts on “Where to next? – Taormina, Sicily

  1. Wow! This town looks beautiful. I’m definitely going to keep this in mind when I plan another trip to Italy (I have also been to Rome). I like the smaller, less-known cities and towns far better than major cities anyways. They always offer a much more “localized” experience, unlike the larger tourist-traps. Thanks for sharing this!

    p.s. You and your husband are extremely fortunate to share the same passion for travel. The two of you must live an amazing life!

  2. Thanks, Nate! Yes, we love to travel, but of course have to pick wisely as unfortunately aren’t able to travel as often as we may like!

    I agree – smaller towns are much more quaint. We traveled to Spain this year and took the same approach – we visiting small towns outside of Barcelona and Southern France. So charming!

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